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My Travel interests

  • Nature and Outdoors
  • Nudist Adventures
  • Pride events
  • Burning Man
  • ⛺️Camping
  • Volunteering Trips
  • Animal/wildlife
  • Active adventures
  • 🌴All-Inclusive Resort Vacations
  • Wellness Experiences/Retreats

Hello everyone, Steve here. I am excited to connect with you all here in the Man Ex community and match up with like-minded solo travellers who share common travel interests. I think that travelling is about developing relationships with the people you go on the trip with and meet along the way, so I am looking forward to meeting many of you here in the community over the years to come. I consider myself an avid traveller and plan to travel frequently over the next few years. Check out my travel list below and if you think we will make compatible travel buddies let's see if we match so we can plan an adventure together.

Check out my travel list further down this page and if you see any trips that interest you, send me a match request.

My highlights

My travel list

  • Burning Man (USA) : Aug 27 - Sept 3 - Travel Budget $6,000 (for the week)
  • Afrika Burn (South Africa) : April - Travel Budget $3,500 (for the week)
  • Okavango Delta (Botswana) : Dates flexible - Travel Budget approx. $1,200/night ( staying at luxury 5-star lodges)
  • Serengeti (Tanzania) : Dates flexible - Travel Budget approx. $1,200/night ( staying at luxury 5-star lodges)
  • Cape Town (South Africa) : Dates flexible - Travel Budget $200-300/night
  • Tel Aviv : Dates flexible - Travel Budget $200-300/night
  • Costa Rica : Dates flexible - Travel Budget approx. $500/night ( including all meals & activities)

What is Man Ex?

Man Expeditions brings like-minded travelers together who share similar travel interests to enjoy extraordinary adventures together.

How to use Man Ex?

There are three ways to use Man Expeditions...

1) Register and receive invites from members who want to travel with you.
2) List your profile/trips on Man Ex website and receive match requests from travelers who identify with your travel interests and want to travel with you.
3) Explore travellers listed on the Man Ex website and submit a request to be matched with them so that you can plan trips together.

Why use Man Ex?

Finding the best trips to do is equally as important as finding the best travel buds to enjoy them with. Register and complete the Man Ex travel buddy survey to be matched with travelers aligned to your travel interests.


From the Community

  • Rob G

Man Ex is an awesome community! I have met so many great guys through Man Ex and have been able to travel with like-minded guys from all around the world who I would have never met if it wasn’t for Man Ex. Travel truly is a great way to meet and make new friendships. I highly recommend using Man Ex as a way to connect with other solo travellers.

  • Craig B

I can't say enough about Man Ex. I love this community of men. I have travelled across Africa and in Canada with many guys from the Man Ex community. I have had the best travel experiences with this community and highly recommend using Man Ex to either connect with other solo travellers on the trips you have planned for yourself already or to join trips managed by Man Ex.

  • Jim N

I have nothing but great things to say about Man Ex. I have created life-long memories with guys from all around the world which I will cherish forever. If you want to travel and meet new guys you identify with from around the world then Man Ex is where you need to be. I cant wait to join future trips with the community.